The Industry 4.0 Talent Pipeline: A Generational Overview of the Professional Competencies, Motivational Factors & Behavioral Styles of the Workforce

To prosper in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, individuals and organizations will be required to develop 21st century skill sets. This research seeks to identify emerging trends, pinpoint challenges and gain data-driven insights into the forces shaping the technical talent pipeline of Industry 4.0 in the United States. To successfully navigate the Industry 4.0 environment (and beyond), organizations will need to integrate four different generations (soon to be five) in their workforce. Next-Generation Leaders were found to be lacking in creativity and innovation and conceptual thinking, critical skills required in navigating an Industry 4.0 environment. This should serve as a wake-up call to educators tasked with overhauling an antiquated system, particularly at the graduate level. Based on responses to a series of questions using the TTI TriMetrix DNA assessment suite a data-driven, validated assessment instrument, this research presents an overview of the development of 25 professional competencies that contribute to superior performance.